Off Take Potential of Vanadium

The Tipping Point and Beyond - A 10 Year Vision

When U.S. based investment bank Piper Jaffray projects a $600-billion market for en­ergy storage solutions by 2020, there’s little doubt the future will be battery powered. Piper Jaffray, the U.S. DOE, the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and many industry analysts have all identified the VFB as a leading technology for energy storage. We are approaching the tipping point for vanadium in new battery technology. The solution to mass storage of clean energy is here, the technology is being manufactured by numerous companies worldwide, governments are endorsing clean energy initiatives and vanadium is the raw material that will make it happen. 

World production of vanadium currently only totals 60,000 tons per year. It is estimated that Vanadium demand will exceed current supply as early as 2013. With limited supply of vanadium, coupled with increasing demand from both steel applications and emerging battery technologies from clean energy initiatives, new vanadium projects, like Energizer’s Green Giant, need to come online to meet this projected supply deficiency. 

Energizer Resources has put together a 10-year vision for vanadium off-take. It puts into context the amount of high purity vanadium that would be required for battery technologies to support electric cars and mass clean energy storage in residential, commercial and grid applications.


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