The Green Giant Vanadium Project

>Green Giant Graphite

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>Green Giant Graphite

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>Green Giant Graphite

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The Green Giant Vanadium Project, located in south-central Madagascar, is one of the largest-known vanadium deposits in the world and is 100%-owned by Energizer Resources.

The Green Giant Vanadium project comprises claims located in the UTM zone 38S on the WGS 84 datum at coordinates 510,000 E 7,350,000 N, 145 km southeast of the city of Toliara, in the Tulear region near Fotadrevo, covering an area of 225 km2 situated in two separate blocks. The property is composed of two separate groups of four and two research permits respectively. 

Exploration & Delineation of a NI 43-101 Resource Estimate 

Since acquiring the Green Giant Vanadium Project located in southern Madagascar in August 2007, Energizer has spent over US$10 million on exploration and development of the vanadium project, with an additional US$15 million spent on exploration and development of its Molo Graphite Project, which is located approximately 15 kilometres away within the same property claims but completely separate from the vanadium deposit. In 2010, the Company decided to focus its full attention on developing the Molo Graphite Project, which is a full feasibility-stage project.  

In 2008, an extensive exploration program was conducted on the property and consisted of the following:

  • 131 diamond drill holes (21,957 metres)
  • 140 trenches (17,105 metres)
  • 11,035 soil samples
  • Airborne - 7,843 line kilometres flown
  • Ground geophysics 
  • 281 line kilometres of EM surveys 
  • 589 line kilometres of MAG surveys


NI 43-101 Vanadium Resource Estimate

A comprehensive diamond-drill program undertaken by the Company confirmed the discovery of five extensive vanadium-bearing trends on the property and the potential for economic vanadium mineralization (deposits). These vanadiferous trends are theorized to have formed in a black shale or paleoroll-front environment before being subjected to regional granulite facies metamorphism.

Energizer selected the Jaky and Manga vanadium-bearing trend as the most prospective targets on the property and focused the late 2009-drill program at delineating mineralized material on these two deposits. Various metallurgical scoping test programs have been completed since Q4 2009, covering physical and chemical pre-concentration processes, acid and alkaline leaching (atmospheric and pressure), alkaline salt roasting and high definition mineralogical characterization. Mineralogical characterization of several silicate samples has revealed a unique deportment of vanadium at Green Giant. Vanadium bearing minerals include clays, micas, oxides, and sulphides.

The mineral deposits on this property have been divided into three separate zones, which are referred to as the Jaky, Manga, and Mainty deposits. The vanadium deposits on the Green Giant property are split into two separate categories: oxide and primary. The mineralization analysis utilized 18,832 m of diamond drill hole data from the 2008, 2009, and 2010 drill programs and was supplemented by approximately 5,928 m of trench data from the 2008 and 2009 exploration programs.

The exploration work resulted in the delineation of a National Instrument 43-101 compliant (NI 43-101) resource estimate with an indicated resource of 49.5 million tonnes at an average grade of 0.693% vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), containing 756.3 million pounds of V2Oand an inferred resource of 9.7 million tonnes at an average grade of 0.632% V2O5, containing 134.5 million pounds of V2O5


This NI 43-101 resource estimate ranks the Green Giant vanadium deposit as one of the largest known vanadium deposits in the world.

Based on the Company’s exploration efforts to date, a 21 kilometre (18 mile) continuous vanadium trend (at surface) was identified on the property, of which only 25% of the trend being drilled to date. The vanadium resource comprises of three main sections: Jaky, Manga, and Mainty.

Uniqueness Of The Green Giant Vanadium Deposit

Energizer’s deposit is unique from other known vanadium deposits because it is sediment-hosted and not magnetite-hosted like the vast majority of the world’s known and producing vanadium deposits.  As a result, Energizer’s can potentially target the project to produce vanadium (V2Oor vanadium pentoxide) in high-purity, clean liquor form (99.5%) for the burgeoning energy storage and battery market. More specifically, the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRB) is currently recognized as a leading, large-scale energy storage system technology for the harnessing of coal-powered and renewable energy and as such, is forecasted by industry analysts (Lux Research) to have a high future demand growth.

Current Status

In early 2012, the Company put all vanadium development activities on hold while it focused its efforts on developing its feasibility-stage Molo graphite deposit given the higher demand potential for flake graphite, coupled with the expected lower CapEx and OpEx requirements required to bring a flake graphite mine into production versus a vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) mine. As such, only minimal work has been completed on the property since that time.

The Company however considers the Green Giant Vanadium project to be a very strategic asset and believes strongly in the future off-take potential for vanadium electrolyte, which is the liquid form vanadium is processed into for use in the Vanadium Redox Battery.

On another significant note, the two critical minerals that power a VRB are vanadium and flake graphite - two minerals that that Energizer has now delineated in separate deposits and in very large quantities on one common property.

Please refer to the Green Giant Report found under the Company’s profile on SEDAR for further details regarding the Green Giant Vanadium Project. best odds.

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