Special Advisory Committee

Anthony G. Toldo - Special Advisory Committee

President of KS Centoco Ltd. and a number of its related corporations comprising the Toldo Group, Mr. Toldo brings considerable experience, relationships and expertise to the committee.  The Toldo Group is based in Windsor, Ontario and is composed of several privately held corporations that manufacture and operate in diversified sectors including automotive, quick serve restaurant, aviation, and gaming and entertainment industries.  Mr. Toldo has also served as a director on several boards, including not for profit and publicly traded organizations. 

Robin Borley, Pr.Eng Capital Projects and Mine Development

Robin Borley has been appointed to the Company’s Special Advisory Committee in the capacity of Capital Projects and Mine Development. Mr. Borley is a Director of DRA and a Graduate Mining Engineer and Certified Mine Manager with over 25 years of International Mining experience across a range of commodities.

Mr. Borley brings considerable knowledge and experience to the technical and operational aspects of mine development. As the former Chief Operating Officer with Red Island Minerals, one of the property owners of a significant coal resource in the Sakoa Coal Field Project, his experience gained as well as the contacts and interface made with key Government officials will be invaluable to the Company as it looks to develop its projects in Madagascar.

Marc Hein Special Mauritian Counsel to Energizer

Mr. Hein has been appointed to the Special Advisory Committee in the capacity of Energizer Mauritian Counsel to oversee and manage the interface with both the Madagascar and Mauritian Governments.

Mr. Hein is a qualified Mauritian, English and French lawyer, specializing in business law. He is the Head of Practice of Juristconsult Chambers and has practised law in Mauritius and Madagascar since 1980. As a provider of legal services to Energizer for the past 4 years, Mr. Hein has spent considerable time in Madagascar and maintains excellent relations with key government officials in both Mauritius and Madagascar. He is a former Member of Parliament in Mauritius and a former Chairman of the Mauritius Bar Council.

Mr. Hein sits on the board of several multinational companies and is a Fellow of the Mauritius Institute of Directors. The key business and government relationships he has cultivated over the years will be instrumental to Energizer.

Mr. Hein is based in Mauritius, a small island due east of Madagascar that is recognized as the wealthiest, best-governed country in Africa by The World Bank and the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index.

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